Highly efficient, long lasting outdoor furnaces sometimes called wood boiler, wood furnace, outdoor wood boiler, outside wood burning boiler, etc.can supply 100% of your heating needs. EPA classify these wood burning stoves (outdoor boilers) as outdoor hydronic heaters. The incredible energy efficient Portage & Main heating units are being proclaimed as the "Best Boiler ever" by the consumer. If you want the best boiler with the best efficiency, you are at the right place. Come on in to have a look around. See the how and why behind the best warranty in the industry and the highly efficient units that burn 1/3 to 1/2 or even less wood or coal. They save you time and money.

Advanced wood heat is not just a wood boiler. It must be efficient with top quality workmanship and performance. Some areas require EPA qualification. Check out the Portage & Main Wood Gasification Units. Portage & Main Wood Gasification Units are EPA qualified. The Optimizer 250 and Optimizer 350 are also fully listed for distribution in the States of Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maryland USA.

Wood Chip Burner

Optimizer 250

Optimizer 350

Optimizer 450

Economizer IDM

Pellet Stoker